Liza explains:

Liza receiving the Bishop Robert Smith Award

“I am honored to receive the Bishop Robert Smith Award. I’ve found an academic niche that I’m passionate about — food, ecology, development, and human rights — but this has really only been realized due to the support of and collaboration with a number of professors. Particularly, Dr. Helen Delfeld in the political science department was the first to introduce me to Southeast Asia and she has worked with me as a student research fellow in Thailand and also went with me to an anti-commodity conference in the Netherlands. Also in the political science department, Dr. Claire Curtis has served as an extremely supportive mentor, facilitating the development of my ideas in everything from dystopian literature to food politics. And Dr. Allison Welch in the biology department has worked with me on a long-term research project on tadpoles and environmental stressors that has added a unique biological lens to my understanding Liza Woodof politics and development that I feel is necessary for addressing the interdisciplinary issue of our current environment. Overall, I am so lucky to have had such great mentors throughout my undergraduate career at CofC, and I owe much of my academic successes to their guidance.”

Dr. Claire Curtis notes about Liza:

“Liza is a wonderful student to have in class: she is curious, engaged and thoughtful.  This award is an excellent recognition of her accomplishments as a scholar and citizen of the CofC campus”

To learn more about the Bishop Robert Smith Award, click here.

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