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Christina Marino likes to study people, especially fashionable people

Posted by: Christine Ragusa | March 1, 2013 Comments Off on Christina Marino likes to study people, especially fashionable people |

Christina Mariano, a sociology major, signs her emails “Fashionably” since she started the College of Charleston Fashion Club back in March of 2012. Before transferring to the College, Christina studied fashion design at a different university and decided to change paths since working in retail. Christina says she decided that studying sociology was the best path to take since she is interested in studying people, their interactions and place in society. Christina explains her experience getting the club started:

I had a few people that were amazing in helping me create the Fashion Club. First was Zykeedric Free, who, at the time, was the Secretary of the Student Body. He kindly spent much time in helping me understand all the forms needed and answering all the questions I had. The second person who I couldn’t thank enough is LaVerne Green. She handles the club budget as Business Coordinator, but she has done far more then just help me budgeting. Ms. LaVerne has spent so much time helping me out and being there when I needed anything; she always made time.

Through this club I hope to learn more about the fashion industry.  I try to take the knowledge I have and put it into the club to helps it’s success. We’ve had a few events since it’s creation in March 2012. Our first event was the “Little Black Dress Event” where girls would come dressed-up and get a free Mary Kay Cosmetics makeover. Our second event was the “What Not to Wear” Event which was inspired by the TLC TV-show What Not to Wear”. We had three students receive a makeover courtesy of Ann Taylor and Paul Mitchell. We gave advice on how to dress for everyday class wear to interview outfits. The next large event will be our own Fashion Show which will be held in April 2013.

In addition to their own events, The Fashion Club has applied to volunteer with Charleston Fashion Week this spring where individual members of the club will spend their time learning the ins and outs of the event and what it takes to put on a fashion show. It will be great experience for Christina, since she would love to work in the fashion industry after she graduates from CofC.

If I could picture my dream job it would be to work for Vogue magazine as editor and chief or work on the design team of a major fashion designer. I hopefully will move to NYC when I graduate and pursue my opportunities there.

To find out more information about the College of Charleston Fashion Club, you can go to their blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages.





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