Congratulations to professor Rich Bodek, Department of History, for earning himself a trip to Germany this summer as a Fulbright German Studies Seminar Participant! rich4Professor Bodek, whose research interests include German labor history, the history of Berlin, and the history of the Weimar Republic, sent this information about the program:

“Participants in this seminar gain a firsthand look into how Germany’s political, economic and cultural systems deal with contemporary issues. For U.S. Scholars, the engagement in substantive dialogue with political, academic, scientific, journalistic and cultural leaders in Germany can strengthen research and teaching”

“The German Studies Seminar will explore if economic growth, Richard Bodekcompetitiveness, and new employment opportunities in and around Berlin can be pushed to ensure social integration, and personal success without such experience from the past? How to increase the integrative functions of schools and to strengthen educational attainment? How can Berlin´s plurality, whether in the human or natural sciences, in universities or research institutions, in culture or business, and in the different biographies of East and West Germans become an asset rather than a burden, and lead to productive, harmonious cooperation? While some Germans hope that Berlin stays “sexy”, others certainly also expect that innovative and competent governance will help the nation´s capital to rise from the “poor” and to encourage future visitors to “still keep a suitcase in Berlin”.”

Stay tuned for a follow-up post about the trip!


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