After the success of Professor Patrick Harwood’s first book, “The Birds of
Magnolia Cemetery: Charleston’s Secret Bird Sanctuary”, he decided to write a second book about the cemetery.  This time, however, it will be about individuals buried beneath those historic headstones.

“My new book about Magnolia Cemetery will be about the many interesting people buried there and the graveyard’s many grand monuments and memorials. The cemetery was built in the mid-1800s as part of a new movement in our nation to have cemeteries outside the cities and in more rural areas. They were designed as beautiful parks and people were encouraged to visit them to play and picnic.

Magnolia Cemetery also has a distinct Victorian influence in terms of the symbol-filled, romanticized style of many of the more elaborate monuments, statues and mausoleums.  They are indeed an art form in themselves!”

In addition to the research (including photographs) about the graveyard’s
unique funerary style, his book will also include a section on Civil War Confederates and a large number of infants and children buried at the cemetery.

“Health and medicine in the 1800s weren’t what they are today.  There are many touching tributes through words and sculptures to children lost to illness and disease.”

You can catch Prof. Harwood at Magnolia Cemetery on Sat. Dec. 15th for a book signing from 10am-1pm.  Details about this event, the book, and his other nature photography can be found on his blog, BirdsEyeViews.