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2018 Poetry Out Loud Event

Posted by: Christine Ragusa | January 18, 2018 Comments Off on 2018 Poetry Out Loud Event |

by Cathy Holmes

Please join us on Sunday, January 21st at 1:30 PM in the Stern Center Ballroom for an afternoon of poetry.

Thirteen students from area high schools will be reciting poetry by Emily Dickinson, Robert Browning, C. K. Williams, Claude McKay, and more. These students have won their high school competitions and are vying for a chance to compete at the state level. One SC winner will compete nationally in Washington, DC.

Each contestant recites two poems chosen from the Poetry Out Loud (POL) anthology. Contest judges Dr. Emily Rosko and Dr. Gary Jackson of the Department of English will score the recitations. ASL interpreter Toni Halstead will add to our experience of the spoken word, and C of C students will play music and read original poetry between rounds. Student volunteers work alongside our POL community partners, LILA (Lowcountry Initiative for the Literary Arts) and the Poetry Society of South Carolina, to help us run the competition and welcome contestants, teachers, and families to our campus.

This delightful event is free and open to the public. Please join us from 1:30-3 PM on Sunday, January 21.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact one of the coordinators:

Cathy Holmes holmesc@cofc.edu or Samantha Watson, Student Coordinator haasse@g.cofc.edu

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Meet Our Newest Faculty (2017-18 Academic Year)

Posted by: Christine Ragusa | September 20, 2017 Comments Off on Meet Our Newest Faculty (2017-18 Academic Year) |

Department of English

Allan Borst, Instructor

Devin Byker, Assistant Professor

Department of History

Geoffrey Martin, Visiting Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

Chelsea Reid-Short, Assistant Professor

Department of Philosophy

Darren Hick, Visiting Assistant Professor

Laura Specker Sullivan, Assistant Professor

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Judith Millesen, Director of MPA and Professor of Political Science

Department of Religious Studies

Leonard Lowe, Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Sarah Foley, Assistant Professor

Julia McReynolds-Perez, Visiting Assistant Professor

Women’s and Gender Studies Program (WGS)

Kristine De Welde, Director of WGS and Professor of Sociology

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My Trip to Denver for a Psychology Conference

Posted by: Christine Ragusa | August 8, 2017 Comments Off on My Trip to Denver for a Psychology Conference |

by: Casey Irwin

The travel award from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences helped tremendously in covering some of the expenses for my attendance at the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABA) annual conference. This year, the conference was held in downtown Denver, Colorado. ABA is a premier conference for the field of behavior analysis that addresses how current research is impacting today’s science and human life. I spent two semesters working in the operant pigeon lab with Dr. Adam Doughty for independent study credit. This work contributed to a poster on reinforced behavioral variability that was presented at ABA. In addition to presenting, I attended several symposia and paper presentations on leading research topics in behavior analysis. I enjoyed navigating the conference and tailoring my agenda to fit my current research interests. One of the most important aspects of going to a conference of this capacity, in my opinion, was meeting colleagues and making connections that could be essential for professional development. I plan to apply to Doctoral programs for Applied Behavior Analysis for the 2018 year and I feel that the learning experiences gained from attending this conference will make me a strong candidate for acceptance. Overall, attending ABA was an all-around great experience and learning opportunity.

Casey Irwin at the Association for Behavior Analysis International conference in May, 2017.

Casey is a senior studying psychology at the College of Charleston.

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2017: Spoleto Picture a Day 17

Posted by: Christine Ragusa | June 8, 2017 Comments Off on 2017: Spoleto Picture a Day 17 |

by: Bret Lott

Creative Writing Professor Bret Lott is leading the summer, 2017, study abroad program in Spoleto, Italy.


We take a couple of day trips on the weekends, and this year we’re visiting different small towns than in the past (remember Gubbio and the Funivia?). We had read about the little—little—town of Cività di Bagnoregio, an ancient village first carved out of the porous tufa rock by the Etruscans, and the way the place simply rises up out of the surrounding canyons, serving as a stronghold and city center for centuries. When we arrived, all the descriptions we’d read and pictures we’d seen came nowhere near the awesome beauty of the town. The place is only reachable by a VERY long walk from the town of Bagnoregio across a pedestrian bridge, up and up and up. Once inside the walls, we stopped at a tiny panini purveyor—literally a hole in the wall—and had sandwiches with fresh backed focaccia (still warm!), then wandered the streets to take in the vistas and gardens. This was a hot day, and this was a long trek, but everyone agreed it was well worth the visit. I asked the students if they thought we should take next year’s gang here, and they all said yes, their only suggestion that next time we stay longer. We took that as a good sign.


Cività di Bagnoregio.

The gang BEFORE the walk. It’s a long way.

It’s good to be a cat in Bagnoregio.

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2017: Spoleto Picture a Day 16

Posted by: Christine Ragusa | June 7, 2017 Comments Off on 2017: Spoleto Picture a Day 16 |

by: Bret Lott

Creative Writing Professor Bret Lott is leading the summer, 2017, study abroad program in Spoleto, Italy.

Representing even on washday.


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