How the Vote Was Won

By Cicely Hamilton and Christopher St. John


Cast (in order of appearance)

Cat Champlin as Ethel Cole

Leah Van Horn as Winifred

Nora Gore as Lily

Stuart Dowell as Horace Cole

Blake Kennedy as Gerald Williams

Gillian Huntley as Agatha

Morgan Clinton as Molly

Gwen Fisher as Madame Christine

Erin Frase as Maudie Spark

Glenna Durbin as Miss Lizzie Wilkins

Abbi Perry as understudy


Direction and Stage Management

Director and Stage Management Advisor: Dr. Susan Kattwinkel

Stage Manager: Bethany Houston

Assistant Stage Manager: Rebecca McLeod

Stagehands: Carsyn Cantey, Andre Lavandero



Set Designer: Charlie Calvert

Assistant Set Designer: Julia Mimo

Carpenters: Glenna Durbin, Max Marshall, Caroline Magee

Scenic Artist: Paige Bergen

Scene Shop Staff: Paige Bergen, Noah George, Victoria Leatherman, Abbi Perry, Hailee Selby, Jonari Ward



Costume Designer: Mattie Davis

Assistant Costume Designer: Mira Turkewitz

Costume Design Advisor: Dr. Janine McCabe

Make-up Artists and Wardrobe Crew: Rose Young, Sophie Eldridge

Sewing and Alterations: Leah Van Horn, Liz Mahon, Mattie Davis, Ryan Frye, Mira Turkewitz



Lighting Designer: Nora Zich

Lighting Design Advisor: Jason Lyons

Master Electrician: Justin Yates

Electricians: Scene Shop Staff and Practicum Students

Lightboard Operator: Victoria Rickards



Camera operators: Devon Bush, Abbi Perry, Jonari Ward

Live Stream Operator and Editor: Madison Berry



Sound Board Operator: Chandler Gravely


Administration and Production

Department Chair: Dr. Janine McCabe

Office Manager: Ms. Shannon Horn

Technical Director: Mr. JD Stallings

Costume Shop Manager: Ms. Ellen Swick

Student Costume Shop Manager: Erin Cooper

Props Master: Hailee Selby

Dramaturg: Kelsey Gallo



Box Office: Ms. Shannon Horn

Marketing & Communications: Ms. Nandini B. McCauley

Publicity Practicum Students: Morgan Clinton, Antalisha Groves

Blog Designer and Artist: Kelsey Gallo


Special Thanks

The League of Women Voters

J.J. Corbett

Morgan Clinton

Olivia Young

Center Stage

Laura Turner

Elizabeth Perrin

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