Professor Sandy Slater

Dr. Sandy Slater is one of the College of Charleston’s premier history professors, who specializes in the study and research of race, gender, and sexuality, all in the context of the Colonial Era Atlantic.
Dr. Slater was born in Turkey Creek, Pike County, Kentucky. Ever since she was young, Dr.Slater has loved history, so much so that on her childhood desk, she had a photograph of Abraham Lincoln. Growing up in Kentucky, her family taught her what it means to work hard. Her father had a large role in teaching her this lesson. As a coal miner, he worked long hours to provide what his family needed. Dr. Slater, instilled with her families’ hard-working spirit, enrolled in Lincoln Memorial Univerisity. In her time at Lincoln, she double majored in American Studies and History, while simultaneously minoring in music and English. After receiving her undergraduate degree in 2003, Dr. Slater set her sights on a Masters and Ph.D. from Kentucky University. At Kentucky University, she studied History as well as Women and Gender Studies.
Immediately out of Graduate School in 2009, Dr. Slater started teaching at the College of Charleston. She began teaching her first courses, History of Colonial Americans History and American Sexualities. Now in 2020, a tenured professor Dr. Slater is the Director of the Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World Program, a History Department Senator, and a History Department Internship Adviser. Dr. Slater also holds positions as Chair of the Committee on Graduate Education and resides on the Board of Directors for Consortium of the Revolutionary Era. Dr. Slater has added multiple new classes into her repertoire since starting here at the College. These classes taught by Dr. Slater include the History of the American Revolution, Queer America, and American Women. Soon she hopes to add the History of Appalachia to her growing list of classes provided to our campus community.
Dr. Slater is one of the Professors here at the College that supports our Southern Studies Program through her position in the CofC History Department.

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