Teaching in Berry: Spring 2022

Check-In Process

  • Joe E. Berry Hall is a dorm room, and access to the building will be restricted as a Covid safety precaution. All visitors will have to check in at the front entrance with their Cougar ID card.
  • If your classroom is locked when you arrive, the front desk has a key and will be able to open the room for you.
  • The front desk will also have a class enrollment list, and only students and faculty scheduled to teach in Berry will be allowed entry.
  • Do not enter the building to swipe in any earlier than 10 minutes prior to your class. This will allow time for the previous class to exit.

Classroom Disinfection

Each classroom will be equipped with sanitizing wipes at the entryway. Upon entry, faculty and students are encouraged to use the wipes to disinfect their respective areas and desks when entering the classroom.

  • Trash bins will be located throughout the room to dispose of your wipes.
  • If you notice the wipe supply is running low or has run out, contact Mary Moser (MoserM@cofc.edu).
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