Spring 2020 Other Honors Courses

HONS 110 Honors Academic Writing (Instructor varies by section)
An accelerated introduction to the practices necessary for successful college writing at the quality expected of Honors College students. This course satisfies the requirements for ENGL 110.

HONS 216 Conceptual Tour of Contemporary Mathematics (Professor James Young)
This course will highlight mathematics as a network of intriguing and powerful ideas, not a dry formula list of techniques. Emphasis will be placed on conceptual, non-technical understanding of current developments in higher-level mathematics, and how these concepts and results are intertwined and employed in other areas outside mathematics.

HONS 217 Honors Statistics (Professor Bo Kai)
Honors Statistics introduces students to the world of stochastic phenomena and modeling including probability, statistical inference, and stochastic processes. The course covers the axioms of probability and fundamental laws of probability including the Law of Large Numbers, the Central Limit Theorem, conditioning, and Bayes Theorem. Using probability theory the course develops statistical inference procedures including point estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, and multiple linear regression. Elementary stochastic processes are covered via discrete-time Markov chains with applications. Real world examples and real data will be used to demonstrate the power and utility of stochastic modeling and statistical inference across a wide variety of disciplines.

*course offerings subject to change

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