Honors College New Course Preparation Form

As of 2021, the Honors College has replaced the new course proposal form with a new course preparation form. This form must be completed for all newly created HONS courses prior to their being taught.

Why do we ask for this: The Honors College curriculum requires certain elements be incorporated into every HONS course; at the same time, we also want faculty to have agency over their course design, and to empower them to try out new and innovative pedagogical ideas. The course preparation form allows for a streamlined process that will familiarize faculty with the curricular elements required of an Honors course, while at the same time providing an opportunity for peer-to-peer feedback to help them prep their new class.

How a new Honors course gets created:
1. Faculty propose an idea for a new Honors course
2. The Honors College works with faculty and their department chair/program director to schedule the course
3. Faculty submit the course preparation form linked below
4. The Honors College Committee reviews the form and provides feedback within two weeks designed to help faculty fine-tune their course


Submission deadline for courses to be taught during the Fall ’21 semester: June 1, 2021

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