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CofC Honors in England and Wales

What: Dr. Folds-Bennett and Dr. John Newell will be leading a three-week Honors course that looks at British culture from Roman Britain to the present day, examining the interaction between history, architecture, literature, and the creation of myth, how the zeitgeist of the era influences everything around it. The goal of the course is to enable students to understand the psychology behind the creation and recreation of myths to meet the needs of a particular time, and to help them see that what many people think happens is often at least as important as what actually happened. Students will enroll in HONS 381: Imagining an Island Kingdom and also have the option to enroll in HONS 398: Independent Study. The first week will be held in Charleston, with the second and third weeks held in England and Wales.

When: June 4 – June 10 in Charleston, June 11 – June 28 in England and Wales

Cost: Program fee (not including tuition) is $4,790, but is subject to change.

The course’s syllabus can be found here.

Posted on September 25, 2018 in Study Abroad

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