Earn HONS colloquia credit studying healthcare and politics in the UK this summer

Travel to England and Scotland this summer to study advancements in healthcare and upheaval in European politics while taking an Honors colloquium course this summer.

Details: Travel to London and Edinburgh during the Summer I term (June 5 – July 5). Students on the trip can take HONS 250: The Future of Humanity in a Technological Tomorrow, a colloquia course that looks at how technological advances like AI and genetic engineering are impacting developments in healthcare and beyond.


  • Take a 3 credit Honors colloquium course to satisfy your Honors requirement.
  • You also have the option to take POLI 359: Remapping a Europe in Crisis.
  • Visit with experts and government officials in England and Scotland.
  • Scholarships are available through CIE and students may be eligible for Honors Summer Enrichment Program funding.

Great Fit For: Open to all Honors students who need a colloquia! Great opportunity for students interested in public health, politics, AI, technology, and more.

To Apply: Apply through CofC’s ViaTRM Portal.