Gothic Literature in London: A horrible way to spend Summer 2024

Spend a month this summer exploring gloomy gothic literature in London and Edinburgh and earn Honors immersed credit.

The Trip: June 26 – July 31 through an affiliate program taught through USM’s British Studies study abroad program.

The Classes: Explore how British culture uses Gothic themes to express fears, anxieties, and misgivings about gender & sexuality, nation & empire, race & class. We’ll also visit the gloomy moors and dark city streets where these stories are set.


  • Earn six total credits of gen-ed humanities ENGL credit.
  • Approved for Honors immersed credit.
  • Explore the cities, villages, museums, theaters, parks, and graveyards of Great Britain.

Learn More: Attend an info session on Thursday, January 25 at 5:00 p.m.; contact professor Tim Carens ( to express interest (even if you can’t come to the info session).