Honors Immersed Option: Summer Study Abroad Program in London for PSYC Students

Get psyched in London! Explore historical and current contributions of British psychologists with a summer study abroad program.

The Opportunity: Travel to London June 12-July 15 and take History of British Psychology taught by CofC professor and Honors Faculty Fellow Dr. Chad Galuska.

Benefits: Dive into an advanced exploration of domain areas of psychology through a British lens.

  • Professor Galuska has made the course available to fulfill the Honors Immersed requirement
  • The course will also transfer back to CofC as two upper-level Psychology classes: PSYC 3MM and PSYC 410 (Special Topics II)

Great fit for: Psychology majors / Aspiring Philosophers and Neuroscientists / Anglophiles

Learn More: Check out the program website and contact Professor Galuska (galuskac@cofc.edu) for next steps!