Learn the essentials of animal research through a spring Express II course

A new course exposes students to the world of collaborative research between College of Charleston and the Medical University of South Carolina.

The course: A one-credit class taught as an Express II course (runs from March 15 – April 26). The class will meet on Wednesdays from 12:15 – 1:45 p.m. during that time.

  • Go deeper: The course will be taught by Dr. Suzanne Craig, DVM, past-chair of the MUSC Department of Comparative Medicine and past-director of MUSC’s Division of Laboratory Animal Resources.

What you’ll learn: Students will be introduced to the rules and regulations regarding pre-clinical (computer, cells, animal research) research, with substantive discussions about the ethics of research, research authorship, recordkeeping, and research conduct.

The benefits: The perfect way for aspiring student researchers to…

  • Learn about the expectations of research
  • Prepare themselves for the laboratory environment
  • Practice hands-on animal research handling
  • Set themselves up as competitive candidates for research positions at MUSC and beyond
  • Students can earn credit for BIOL 399 or PSYC 497, depending on their major

Great fit for: The course is open to all CofC students interested in conducting pre-clinical research in a laboratory setting, particularly those who may not yet have any formal research experience. A terrific opportunity for those interested in conducting research at MUSC.

How to enroll: HONS 102 courses require Permission of Instructor, and space is limited. Interested students are encouraged to fill out this survey to request a seat.