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Critical Conversations Hub

The College has worked to compile a website for the many activities and resources related to Critical Conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion that are taking place across the College and beyond. The purpose of this website is the amplify and promote the great work of students, faculty, and staff at CofC.

Some of the resources featured on the website ( include upcoming talks and seminars as well as information on DiversityEDU, the diversity learning platform adopted by CofC.

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Research Opportunities in the Department of Computer Science

We have research projects for Math/Biology/Chemistry majors that involve math modeling of biological systems and epidemiology. Psychology majors are being recruited for understanding the mental model of software engineers. The research is expected to be a Bachelors Essay.

Interested students should contact Professor Ghosh at

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Welcome Back! Important Info

Honors College faculty and staff could not be more excited to welcome students back to campus. Please read the information below regarding key Honors spaces on campus and don’t hesitate in reaching out to us at or by stopping by the Honors Center with any questions or concerns.

Honors Center Access

The Honors Center is located at 10 Green Way (#24 on the campus map). It houses the Dean’s Office on the first floor and a classroom and lounge/study space on the second floor.

  • Room 200 (classroom) and Room 201 (study/lounge) will be available for study or to take virtual classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9am-5pm only. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the 2nd floor is reserved for sections of HONS 100
  • Students will not be allowed in the Honors Center outside of normal hours (9am-5pm)
  • There is a room capacity of 15 students total in Room 200 and Room 201
  • Students must treat Room 200 and Room 201 as classroom spaces; therefore you must wipe down the desktop when you arrive, you must keep your mask on, and you cannot move chairs or desks; social distancing is required when in the Honors Center
  • There are no shared computers and no printer
  • The upstairs porch is currently off-limits

Berry Residence Hall Access

Berry Residence Hall is located at the corner of St. Philip and Calhoun streets (#6 on the campus map). In addition to housing many Honors students, the first floor of Berry includes Honors classrooms and faculty and staff offices.

  • You must swipe in with your Cougar Card to access the building
  • Make sure you follow the entrance and exit signs as you move from one space to another, including classrooms
  • After class, you must leave the classroom and building (unless you live in Berry) immediately
  • No gathering or waiting is allowed in Berry Gallery (open space on 1st floor between Honors classrooms and offices)
  • Berry residents are not permitted to bring outside guests into their suites or rooms
  • If you want to meet with an Honors faculty or staff member in Berry, please contact them to schedule a time in advance

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Self-Care Resources for Students

Dr. Heath Hoffman from the Sociology department has compiled a Google Site full of resources for students to help with self-care and life-college balance. There are resources in all formats (digital, on-campus, off-campus, etc.) and are accessible to all students.

This would be helpful to bookmark as many students will soon be making the transition from living at home to on- or off-campus living arrangements while classes are beginning to ramp up.

The site can be found here:

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