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Nominate a CofC Honors student for the Jill Conway Annual Scholarship

This is the first year that the Jill Conway Annual Scholarship will be awarded. Jill was an employee of the College of Charleston from 1984 until her retirement in 2017. Jill joined the Honors College (formerly Honors Program) staff in 1996 as the Office Manager and retired as Assistant Director for Student Services. Thanks to Jill’s efforts and dedication to students, the Honors College experience extended beyond the classroom.



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Criteria: The Jill Conway Annual Scholarship is intended to provide support to a current Honors College student who demonstrates engagement, personal growth, and curiosity to explore new interests, and who is motivated to enhance their classroom experience.

To nominate a fellow CofC Honors student for the Jill Conway Annual Scholarship, please explain in one paragraph (250 words max) how the student embodies the criteria listed above. You should upload your paragraph (as a pdf attachment) to your OAKS advising folder – Scholarship Application dropbox by August 31st. Once nominations have been collected, we will reach out to a select number of nominees for them to complete the application process.

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Research Participants Needed for Exercise Science Study

The Effect of External Trunk Perturbations on Lower Extremity Landing Biomechanics

Dr. Kate Pfile and two Exercise Science students (Elizabeth King and Ana Miletich) are conducting research this summer on the effect of external trunk perturbations on lower extremity landing biomechanics.

What to expect:
We will hook you up to a full body marker set (as seen in the flyer photo), this marker set will record body movements and will give us data on how your body reacts to external perturbations (slight pull in one direction or another) while you jump off a 30 cm (12 in) step. Data collection takes places at the Locomotion Energetics and Assessment Lab at MUSC and lasts about 90 minutes. All participants receive a CofC-themed prize of their choice (valued at $15-20), such as a water bottle, pint glass, mug, etc!

Inclusion Criteria:
– Between ages 18-44
– At least 3 years experience in a jumping/landing intensive sport (soccer, basketball, volleyball, dance, etc…)
– Participate in at least 90 minutes of moderate physical activity/week
– No previous lower extremity surgery or history of lower extremity injury in the past 6 months
If you are unsure if you’re qualified to participate, reach out to us anyways!

If interested, please email for more information! Thank you!

Posted on May 24, 2018 in Announcements & Events, Research

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