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How to Apply to the Cougar Counseling Team

What: Have you been interested in the Cougar Counseling Team? We are looking for people who want to help others, great listeners, and empathetic. In return, students who are chosen to join will gain therapeutic skills, an international certification, ongoing training, and possible professional skills in marketing, event planning, and administration.

Come to our How to Apply information sessions so we can tell you about our program, how to apply and to answer all your questions.

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Spring & Summer in DC Programs

What: Spend a semester in the nation’s capital with students from around the country and world who are all passionate about public policy issues and making an impact on the world. The intensive schedule is designed to maximize your time in Washington by combining learning in the classroom with practical internship experience. When you picture your future, do you see yourself on writing legislation, going to law school, working as a Foreign Service officer or perhaps researching public and international policy issues? If so, this is the program for you. Learn more about the DC Internships Capital Semester Program. Summer programs exist in Journalism & Communications, International Affairs, Public Policy & Economics, Community Leadership & Service, Business & Government Affairs, Leadership & the American Presidency, and Legal Studies.

Spring 2018: Early application deadline is October 5th and final application deadline is November 10th.

Summer 2018: Early application deadline is December 5th, priority application deadline is February 7th, and final application deadline is March 13th.

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Research Opportunity at MUSC

Undergraduate volunteer research opportunity in cardiovascular developmental biology

Who: Preferably sophomores interested in research opportunities for the independent study and/or Bachelor’s Essay.

To Apply: Please send resume to Sr. Sugi ( Associate Professor in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology at the Cardiovascular Developmental Biology Center, MUSC.  Please indicate your GPA.


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Current Research Focus for Volunteer Student Researchers

  • Study the role of BMP signaling in cardiovascular development using genetically engineered mouse models.

Key Words: Cardiovascular Development, BMP signaling, Endocardial Cushions, Cell Lineage Determination, Congenital Heart Defects (CHDs). Genetically Engineered Mouse Model, Primary Cell Culture.

Approach: DNA extraction and PCR (genotyping). RNA extraction and quantitative RT-PCR. Histology. Immunohistochemistry. Amira Reconstruction. Microscopy.

*** Please visit web: and send resume to with reference contacts. Please include your GPA.

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After School Volunteers Needed

What:  Cusabo Scholars, a subsidiary of Cusabo Nation Lacrosse (CNL), started in 2016, was developed to bring CNL’s vision to fruition by supporting players off the field. Cusabo Scholars attend peninsula elementary schools and come to CofC from 3:30-5:30 Monday through Thursday for programming with CofC mentors/advocates under the direction of a Cusabo Scholar site coordinator. Fall 2017 will consist of 10 Cusabo Scholars, and Spring 2018 will serve up to 20 Cusabo Scholars.

Needed: 4-8 CofC student volunteers IMMEDIATELY  to serve as mentors/advocates for Cusabo Scholars for the 2017-2018 school year. Ideally, CofC students commit for a semester on M/W or T/TH schedule. However, if you are interested and can only commit one day a week, please let us know. Mentors/advocates will be trained in youth development, advocacy, mentorship, culturally relevant practices, reflective listening, and communication skills, including conflict/resolution and supported by the Site Coordinator and Program Developer.

Contact: Dr. Margaret Hagood, Professor of Literacy and Cusabo Scholars@CofC Program Director (


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Post 9/11 Veteran Support Internship

What: The Vantage Point Foundation is seeking an intern to assist in multiple aspects of our operations. Ideally, they would be in the Social Work field. They would be assisting us in identifying, communicating with, and vetting local resources for veterans. We would also utilize them for tasks in support of our resiliency training, veterans transition course, and daily operations. Lastly we would utilize them to assist with various administrative tasks associated with non-profit fundraising such as data organization. 

To Apply: Contact Mark Holyfield (

Posted on September 14, 2017 in Internships & Jobs

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