• Veterans on Deck

    Veterans on Deck is a nonprofit sailing program serving the military community in Charleston, SC. The program is free and open to any active duty or veteran service members, offering several opportunities on a weekly basis to go sailing with fellow members of the Armed Forces. Honors students will be participating on sails, as well as assisting project managers in various aspects of planning and organization.

    Qualifications: Must be interested in working with veterans, being on the water, and contributing to the success of the project through organizational support.

    Schedule: TBD

    Location: Ashley Marina, 33 Lockwood Drive

    Spaces Available: 4

    Project Liaison: Grace Parker


  • Cusabo Scholars

    Cusabo Scholars, a subsidiary of Cusabo Nation Lacrosse providies support to CNL players off the field. In weekly after-school settings, children receive a snack, informal mentoring, and tutoring (most specifically in literacy and math). To date, Cusabo Scholars has primarily served students ages 7-14 at James Simons. However, given the demand for the program among players at various downtown schools, CNL is expanding to serve more players.

    Qualifications: Interest in mentoring children ages 7-14.

    Location: TBD

    Spaces Available: 10

    Project Liaison: Monique Sparkman


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Honors Engaged

Honors Engaged aims to engage honors students in meaningful and intentional work with Charleston-area community organizations that address critical issues, especially literacy, poverty, homelessness, and poor nutrition. Engagement with community partners is supported by guided reflection exercises, uniting action and academic assessment. Honors Engaged seeks to serve specific needs of the Charleston community through the work of well-trained and well-informed honors students.

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