• Memminger School of Global Studies

    Memminger School of Global Studies is a public, partial-magnet elementary school. As a candidate school in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, Memminger believes in educating students using a personalized learning approach in a challenging environment emphasizing academic excellence and encouraging respect for individual differences. Memminger strives to teach their students to be honorable and respoinsible citizens that are positive contributors to the local and global communities.

    The Honors Engaged partnership with Memminger School of Global Studies provides Honors students the opportunity for weekly one-on-one tutoring engagements with 4th and 5th grade students during lunch or after school.

    Qualifications: You will need to be comfortable tutoring 4th and 5th in core academic areas. Since this placement is located across from campus, you will be expected to go twice a week.

    Location: 20 Beaufain Street (5 minute walk from campus)

    Schedule Options: Monday-Friday, during lunch, or after school, 3-5pm

    Training: Will take place onsite once assignments have been made

    Spaces Available: 10

    Project Liaison: Sophie Kreutz, honorsengaged@cofc.edu


  • Charleston Hope

    Charleston Hope is an official non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring hope in the next generation through various outreaches that promote positive & intentional living.

    Honors Engaged students will be involved with the Mitchell Elementary Partnership. In this project, Honors Engaged students provide weekly support in CD-12 classrooms. Students will be paired with one teacher throughout the entirety of the engagement to allow for the building of meaningful relationships. Mitchell Elementary is located at 2 Perry Street, about 1.5 miles from campus. It is walkable in 25 minutes.

    Qualifications: You will work directly with a teacher to do whatever is needed in the classroom, so you should be motivated to perform a range of tasks that support the teacher’s work.

    Schedule Options: 1-2 Honors Engaged students will be assigned to each of the following times – to facilitate placement, it would be best if you are available for several of the times.

    Mondays 8-8:50 (2nd grade math) or  noon-1pm (4 year olds – recess, small group work, writing)
    Tuesdays  8-8:50 (2nd grade math), 11-noon (2nd grade math) or 1:30-2:30 (kindergarten center time)
    Wednesdays  8-8:50 (2nd grade math), noon-1pm (1st grade math) or 1-2pm (special needs students – reading/social development)
    Thursdays 8-8:50 (2nd grade math), 11-noon (2nd grade math), or noon-1pm (1st grade math)
    Fridays 8-10:30 (2nd grade math and reading), noon-1pm (4 year olds – recess, small group work, writing) or 1:30-2:30 (2nd grade science)

    Training Date: Monday, September 26, 3-4pm at Mitchell Elementary

    Spaces Available: 16

    Project Liaison: Catie Hutchison, honorsengaged@cofc.edu

    Charleston Hope

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Honors Engaged

Honors Engaged aims to engage honors students in meaningful and intentional work with Charleston-area community organizations that address critical issues, especially literacy, poverty, homelessness, and poor nutrition. Engagement with community partners is supported by guided reflection exercises, uniting action and academic assessment. Honors Engaged seeks to serve specific needs of the Charleston community through the work of well-trained and well-informed honors students.

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