Student Organization Spotlight: Watersports Club

Are you looking for a student organization to join that’s active, exciting, affordable and takes advantage of Charleston’s waterfront location? Look no further than the College of Charleston Watersports Club. We spoke with president Adam Lea about what it means to be a part of this club. VK: When was the Watersports Club founded? AL: We […]

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LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Every college student knows how important it is to perfect your resume or write a relevant cover letter. But increasingly, recruiters look to social networks to find candidates. And more are doing so than ever before—as many as 77% of companies (source). You might be thinking: I’m a college student. Why do I need a […]

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Honors Alumnus Levi Vonk Awarded Fulbright for Research in Mexico

Honors students are not just smart. They engage with the campus community as well as the greater Charleston community. They lead in and out of the classroom. They take their responsibility as global citizens seriously. And as a result, they have a global impact.  Few fit that description better than Levi Vonk. During his time […]

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Weekend Events 7/25-7/27

Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out these upcoming events in the Charleston area!   Johns Island Water Festival: $10, short drive What: Watersports, food trucks, live entertainment, and a dog park for your furry friend. Who: Anyone who wants to cool off in the late summer heat. Dogs welcome. When & Where: […]

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How to Land an Awesome Internship

According to the New York Times, your chances of getting a job after college (roughly six applicants for every one position) are worse than getting accepted into the University of Pennsylvania (1 in 5). That means the odds aren’t exactly ever in your favor. Luckily, Honors students know what it takes to set them apart […]

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Departmental Spotlight: Arts Management

Here’s another look at a department & major at the College. See our other installments here and here. What: College of Charleston is one of the few schools in the Southeast—and the only one in South Carolina—to offer this unique major. The program aims to prepare students for careers as leaders, managers, and members of […]

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Need a Summer Internship? Try CISTERNonline

If you’re a College of Charleston student, you know the importance of strong work experience in your undergraduate years. But all the pressure to snag that prestigious internship or part-time job can be overwhelming, and it’s difficult to know where to begin. We’ve talked about the merits of the Career Center before. Now let’s talk […]

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Ten Healthy Habits

We’re about midway through the semester, and it’s about that time when midterm papers and exams start piling up. School stress can often lead to not-so-great food choices, whether it be late-night snacking or reaching for “comfort food” after a long day at the library. As Honors students, we’re expected to achieve academic success—but your brain can’t […]

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Honors Graduate School Admissions

Honors students are actively involved not just on campus but in the larger academic community, as well. Alumni of the Honors College use their experience, excellent academic records, and relationships with professors to land acceptance into competitive and prestigious graduate programs. For example, Honors senior Jessica Dugan was offered a position at the esteemed Bauer Lab […]

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Honors Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Blake Stevens

Western Civilization is one of the crown jewels of the Honors College. It’s a requirement for all Honors students, usually taken in the sophomore year, which combines several disciplines to form a dynamic and well-rounded understanding of Western history. The class has a unique colloquium structure; there are professors from departments all over the College […]

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