The Honors College Class of 2023 in Stories

To celebrate the graduating Honors College Class of 2023, we’ve collected a sampling of stories, headlines, and highlights that help to capture just how impressive this group truly is.

Community Contributors and Changemakers

Andrea Kimpson ’23

Andrea Kimpson, a double-major in economics and international studies, devoted much of her time at CofC to making our community more equitable. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, she worked to ensure diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) efforts are front and center at the College. Her focus on problem-solving has her poised to continue making a real impact as she moves on to the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago.

Finance major Jody Bell was making an impact even before she arrived on campus. The philanthropic venture she founded in high school to educate and empower children of undocumented parents set the foundation for her time at CofC. She incorporated her altruistic spirit into her finance degree which led her to focus on ESG investing, and she’ll begin working at BlackRock as a Sustainable Investing Analyst upon graduation.

Lucas Moyon ’23

Lucas Moyon, a triple major in economics, astronomy, and physics, leveraged his unique blend of academic expertise and experiential learning into a post-grad position with the Federal Reserve. The skillset he was able to develop at CofC–mixing financial expertise with quantitative analysis–set him up to be a future leader in monetary policy.

Rex Bingham, an international business and supply chain management double-major, started college with a specific goal: to meet someone new every hour. Those initial efforts at engaging with the campus community led to four years of fulfilling experiences, including award-winning research and multiple leadership roles. After graduation Rex will move to Denver, Colorado to work as a Supply Chain Analyst for Ernst & Young, where he’ll start meeting new people all over again.

Cutting-Edge Research

Timara Vereen, a biology and psychology double-major, conducted hands-on research in the lowcountry mudflats to determine the microbial impact that mud snails are having on their environment. The project eventually evolved into Timara’s bachelor’s essay, one of several formative experiences she’ll draw on when she attends San Francisco State’s Master in Physiology and Behavioral Biology program next fall.

Jo Jackley, a computing in the arts and computer science double-major, worked with assistant professor of computer science Sarah Schoemann to develop a wearable data collection app called MyData. Those programming skills served Jo well when she went on to collaborate with the College’s Women’s Health Research Team in developing a dating simulation game that teaches people who menstruate about their options for contraceptives.

WISE Telehealth Network student volunteers Shira Finke and Liza Malcolm with program director Beth Sundstrom.

Shira Fink, a psychology major, also conducted research with the Women’s Health Research Team. She was part of a group of faculty and students whose work helped to develop and improve the WISE (Women in the South-East) Telehealth Network aimed at improving women’s health and wellbeing through telehealth appointments at local and mobile libraries in the rural Lowcountry.

Allen Duggar, a religious studies and English double-major, worked with peers and faculty mentors to uncover the complex religious history of the College. The collaborative research laid the groundwork for Allen’s own bachelor’s essay project, a fascinating examination of the politics behind street-corner preaching.

Impactful Internships

Lea Neufeld ’23

Lea Neufeld, a political science, international studies, and French triple-major, took an Honors course on migration taught by Assistant Professor of German Sarah Koellner. The course peeked Lea’s interest in migration studies, and eventually led to internships with the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre and with the United Nations University in the Netherlands. Lea will continue her work in the fall at the University of Copenhagen where she’ll earn a masters in Advanced Migration Studies.

Public health major Olivia Yalden took the advice of her faculty mentors and sought out as many opportunities as she could while at CofC. Among the most formative was a junior-year internship with research company Westat focused on behavior health and health policy, which will serve her well when she attends George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health in Washington, D.C.

Conor Cozad ’23

Data science major Conor Cozad‘s first research experience at CofC involved using data to create 3D maps of flooded areas in downtown Charleston. From there, he continued to apply his skills to real-world applications, eventually taking on a summer internship with the National Weather Service where he created a new data tool to update their forecasting models.

Troy Brennan, a computer information systems major, spent a summer interning with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Technology Transitions’ (OTT) Entrepreneurship Program where he worked on a commercialization project around the environmental remediation of wastewater. The internship culminated in a formal presentation at the Berkeley National Laboratory where he won second place for the Most Outstanding Presentation Award.

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