Stories, Headlines, and Highlights from the Honors College Class of 2022

In celebration of the Honors College Class of 2022, we’ve collected a sampling of stories, headlines, and highlights from the past four years featuring graduating Honors students.

You can also learn more about the 2022 Honors College graduates, meet our 2022 Honors College Distinguished Alumni Award winner, and re-live the 2022 Honors Ceremony through photos.

The Stories of the Honors College Class of 2022

Ren Dryzer (Arts Management major) plans to use their internships and advocacy research to make an impact on the arts at both the regional and national level.

Zachary Kronsberg (Political Science major) worked to bring civil discourse back into politics.

Harrison Todd ’22

Harrison Todd (German and International Business major) built upon a passion for German and leveraged his CofC experiences into a post-grad position with BMW.

Hannah Ploskonka (International Business major) aced an on-the-spot interview at the 2022 Career Fair and earned a job offer from consulting company P3.

Mary Hope Ballou (Theatre major) won the Jane Childs Design Technologies and Management Legacy Award at the 2022 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival – Region IV.

Joseph Brennan’s (Mathematics and Biology major) replied to an Honors Hub posting that turned into an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Essay on computational modeling of evolution and, eventually, the focus for his PhD research.

Camille Sullivan (Spanish and Geology major) received the College’s first crowdfunded scholarship in recognition of her outstanding work as a paleontology student.

Jenny Sella ’22

Jenny Sella (Exercise Science major) combined music, soccer, and a passion for helping injured athletes into a personalized CofC experience.

Lilli Butterfield (Exercise Science major) squeezed the complete college experience–including multiple internships and a Bachelor’s Essay conducting research for the Charleston Climate Coalition–into three-and-a-half years.

Laurie Fogleman (Communications major) somehow found time to balance the demands of being a varsity student-athlete with a host of formative leadership experiences.

Megan Golbus (Biology major) and Jack Golder (Public Health major) were among the elite team of student emergency response volunteers supporting the College’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) operations.

AJ Williamson (Religious Studies major) teamed up on a research project that explored the College’s complex religious history.

Goldwater Scholars Hails Tanaka ’22 and Phia Gierszal ’22

Phia Gierszal (Biochemistry and Chemistry major) and Hails Tanaka (Marine Biology major) both received Goldwater Scholarships, one of the highest national honors for undergraduates studying science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

Jack Oistad (International Business major) stuck through a tough first semester and blossomed into a standout member of the School of Business Investment Program, Charleston 40, and the Phi Chi beta business fraternity, among others.

Candace Pfister (Economics major) was part of a team that won the 2019 ImpactX Demo Day contest. Later, she made the most out of a surprise virtual internship.

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