Computing in the Arts Grad Masters the Art of Coding

With each flick of her wrist and tilt of her cellphone, College of Charleston graduate Pangur Brougham-Cook creates a smattering of blue polka dots across her computer screen as music ripples simultaneously through the air. The more she turns her phone, the more notes spill out alongside a flurry of blue dots. The darker the blue of the dot, the lower the note. The lighter the blue, the higher the pitch.

This is Clementine, a digital instrument Brougham-Cook has spent the last three years refining with computer science professor Bill Manaris. But Clementine became more than just a cool project for the computing in the arts major to tinker with when, in the spring of 2019, the Music Library of Greece chose to include the program in its new music interaction lab called Musix Lab.

Designed for children, Clementine is a multiplayer program that allows anyone to turn their cellphone into a musical instrument. The program offers users different instrumental sounds to experiment with in both solo and group settings.

Article by Amanda Kerr. Photo provided. For more on this story, check out the full article on the College Today!

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