Nina Hayes ’21 spends summer as FDIC Student Trainee Examiner

Banks – we all use them to deposit and withdraw money, to gain access to credit and loans and to stash our extra hard-earned cash for a rainy day. But what goes into making sure our banking institutions are following the rules and best practices to ensure the stability of our financial markets?

It’s a question finance major Nina Hayes, a rising junior at the College of Charleston, hadn’t really ever thought about until she took a trip last fall to the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Intrigued by the dollars and cents of banking, Hayes, whose only previous jobs had been as a waitress and a summer camp counselor, began thinking about how she could gain real-world experience in the finance world.

As a student trainee examiner for the FDIC’s Atlanta field office, Hayes, who is a student in the Honors College, is spending her summer digging into her curiosity about all things money. And, while she doesn’t know for sure what type of career path she might ultimately choose, this experience has helped her narrow the field.

“I have found myself enjoying the risk-evaluating aspect of this internship in addition to being able to dive into the world of banking,” she says. “As of now, I am leaning toward going into the banking industry. Whether that’s on the buy or sell side, I do not yet know, but I am excited to find out!”

Story by Amanda Kerr. For the full story, check out The College Today!

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