Gretchen Lidicker ’14 is a Woman of Substance

“It’s pretty incredible that we have been villainizing this plant for decades and decades for really no reason,” says Gretchen Lidicker ’14. She is speaking, of course, of that famed, five-leaved spawn of Mother Nature called cannabis. Until lately, it was mainly consumed illegally in the form of dried, chopped and smoked marijuana leaves. Though Lidicker was never keen to partake of it as such, the alternative medicine expert lately came to embrace the cannabis plant by way of her office desk.

“I kind of got catfished by CBD into caring about cannabis as a whole,” she recalls. She was working as a health editor at mindbodygreen, the Brooklyn-based online well-being magazine, when The Countrymen Press publishing house reached out to her colleague in search of someone to write a book about cannabidiol, or CBD oil, the alternative health trend that’s derived from cannabis, including hemp, and currently sweeping the nation.

Next thing she knew, Lidicker was elbow deep in all things associated with CBD, experimenting with dosages and sampling wares from the various states involved in the trade. The fruit of her research is CBD Oil Everyday Secrets: A Lifestyle Guide to Hemp-Derived Health and Wellness, a best-selling resource that positions Lidicker as a go-to authority on the holistic health remedy purported to help alleviate afflictions such as epilepsy seizures, stress, sleep disorders, chronic pain and immune system response.

Story by Maura Hogan. Featured image of Gretchen Lidicker by Lauren Volo. For the full story, check out The College Today

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