CofC Honors Student Has a Lot to Sing About

Rising sophomore Eva Leach is a musical star, YouTube sensation and savvy student of the industry. “I’ve always been a musical person,” says the Honors College student. “My family encouraged me to sing at an early age.”

That only makes sense coming from such a musically gifted family – her mom sings and plays violin, her dad plays the standup bass and her brother, Nathan, is a talented singer and multi-instrumentalist.

For six years now, she and Nathan have posted videos on YouTube that feature them performing pop- and folk-song covers. One video titled “Hero (Family of the Year) – A cover by Nathan and Eva Leach” starts with Nathan singing and playing guitar. Leach joins him, and the two sing in tight unison. After playing a shaker, Leach suddenly throws it under her leg to Nathan and starts playing a harmonica. It’s a cute showcase of their talents and fun, creative sides.

Story by Carter Holland. Featured image of Eva Leach by Kip Bulwinkle ’04. For the full story, check out The College Today

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