What to Expect When You’re Expecting (to attend the College of Charleston)


9260648067_f6934672d4_oThe Most Beautiful Campus in the Country

Located in the heart of historic Charleston, SC, the College of Charleston has an aesthetic no other university can tout. By law, no building in the city is allowed to be taller than the steeple of St. Michael’s cathedral (the oldest surviving religious structure in Charleston), so you don’t have to worry about traipsing up six flights of stairs to get to your eight AM. You may, however, have to do the “Charleston Shuffle,” tripping over upturned cobblestones that line the sunbathed sidewalks. But trust us, it’s a right of passage.

mossDon’t know what Spanish Moss is? You will soon enough. This tinsel-like plant hangs diligently from the live oaks that guard over the college-providing shade and Instagram worthy backdrops. Surprisingly, it is not actually a moss at all as it derives from the Bromecliaceae family, making it a cousin to the pineapple-Charleston’s universally recognized sign of hospitality!

Southern Hospitality

16297914750_8b47eba5af_oThe college has the sincerest pleasure of being drenched in southern hospitality. If you are from the north, be prepared for a culture shock sweeter than honey. “Yes ma’ams” and “Y’alls” flow quicker than the tea-iced not hot, with more sugar than water. And if you aren’t on a first name basis with at least one of the dining hall employees, you’re doing something wrong. It’s no wonder so many iconic movies have chosen Charleston as their romantic backdrop from Dear John (2010) to The Notebook (2004). Recognize Allie’s college from the film? It’s Randolph Hall-the main academic building on campus for many years.

A Taste of The Great Outdoors 


College of Charleston students are no strangers to adventure. And who could blame them? With the ocean as your backyard, you don’t want to stay inside. Campus Recreation’s Outdoor Adventure branch boasts sea kayaking, rock climbing, and stand up paddle boarding, but that is just the beginning. Students are constantly embarking on river rafting, sailing, and more. Want to take a class in martial arts or beginning figure skating? No problem.

16297915630_76513572c0_oFood, Food, and More Food

With two dining halls on campus and a third coming this spring, College of Charleston students never go hungry. Both Liberty Fresh Food Company and City Bistro host a variety of themed lunches and dinners throughout the year. On September 3oth, for example, they served a variety of freshman favorites such as carved prime rib, barbecue ribs, lobster ravioli, and a raw bar with crab claws and shrimp. If you are looking to leave campus, Charleston is rated one of the best food cities in America. Five star restaurants are within minutes of campus and more affordable options are sprinkled along King St (Hello Chipotle and Moes).

Outstanding Academics15862539494_75e50a8252_o

This one truly is a given. The College of Charleston is a nationally recognized liberal arts and sciences university. It offers over 130 majors and minors and is constantly expanding. If you are enrolled as an Honors student, you will receive unparalleled advising and opportunities to flourish. Our undergraduates are ahead of the game partaking in groundbreaking research and internships. If you are expecting to come to the College of Charleston, expect to excel.

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