Dept of History Hosts Phi Alpha Theta Carolinas Regional Conference

Recently, the Department of History hosted the Phi Alpha Theta Carolinas Regional Conference. Several of our students participated:

  • Caleb Ard – “A More Nuanced View of Iroquois Neutrality during Queen Anne’s War”
  • Charlie Downey – “Japanese Internment: A Lesson in Wartime Hysteria & the Development of Ethnic Prejudice”
  • Emily Eaton – “The Right of Self-Determination for the Mentally Disabled in the United States”
  • Francesca Gibson – “Inescapable Darkness: Hypnagogia & the Experience of Bewitchment”
  • Brett Jones – “A Modern Lavender Scare: The Criminalization of the Transgender Community”
  • Hannah Lanier – “Witchcraft, Gender & the Puritan Family in Salem: How Kinship Contributed to the Sarah Good Trial”
  • C. Mateo Mérida – “Reclaiming Aztlán in the Rocky Mountains: Escuela Tlatelolco & the Struggle for Chicanecentric Education”
  • Kaitlyn Price – “A Witch’s Threat to Infants & Children: Infant Mortality & Witchcraft Fears”
  • Micah Shull – “Heart of a Traitor: A Critical Analysis of Nicholas Donin & the Talmud Disputations of 1240”
  • Mary Ford Sullivan – “Septima Clark & Adult Education Programs in the Lowcountry”
  • Keith Williams – “The Circumstances of the Fred Hampton Assassination”

We are proud of all of our students for doing so well presenting their work at the conference. Special acknowledgement goes to Francesca Gibson for winning the Wade Dudley Prize for her presentation of “Inescapable Darkness: Hypnagogia & the Experience of Bewitchment.” Congratulations, historians!

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