Dr. Donaldson to speak about the Jefferson County Courthouse Landmark Study

Dr. Rachel Donaldson has an exciting event coming up WEDNESDAY, March 17 at 7:00 pm: “Labor History in America: Jefferson County Courthouse (WV) National Historic Landmark Study.”
The National Park Service, in partnership with the Organization of American Historians, has completed a National Historic Landmark study for the courthouse and will present the study’s findings. Learn more about one of the most dramatic periods of labor unrest in American history and the sensational legal trials that followed.
Dr. Rachel Donaldson will present the history and significance of the Jefferson County Courthouse and the national importance of the West Virginia mine wars. Dr. Donaldson is the author of several books on American folk culture and the history of the labor movement. Kathryn Smith, National Park Service historian and National Historic Landmarks Program (NHL) Coordinator for the National Capital Area, will introduce the NHL study and the NHL program.
Please email ncr_nhl@nps.gov if you are interested in attending. Attendees will receive a link to join the presentation. There will be a phone-in-only option as well.

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