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Faculty Spotlight:

Associate Professor Jacob Steere-Williams is a historian of epidemic disease, author of The Filth Disease: Typhoid Fever and the Practices of Epidemiology in Victorian England, director of our Graduate History Program, and is affiliated with numerous campus programs, including the British Studies minor, the Medical Humanities minor, the Geography minor, the Carolina Lowcountry & Atlantic World Program (CLAW), and the Urban Studies Program.

What Jacob’s students and colleagues may not know, however, is that he is also an editor. He recently spoke to us about this challenging role:

“I’ve been serving on the editorial team with The Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Science for several years now, first as the Book Reviews Editor and recently in my current role as Associate Editor. As one of the oldest and leading journals in the history of medicine, and being published by Oxford University Press, we have to wade through several hundred manuscript submissions for articles each year. It is a lot of professional service, but I find this kind of editorial work enormously rewarding. I get to interact with a wide-range of scholars and see first-hand the newest and best work in the field.”

Dr. Steere-Williams’ wide-ranging work illustrates some of the many professional opportunities out there for historians. To learn more about becoming a historian, please visit our website.


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