History Alumna Accepted Into Peace Corps

Congratulations to recent graduate Alex Furlong on being accepted into the Peace Corps! She will be headed to Mongolia in May of 2020 to teach English. We asked Alex to tell us more about this exciting opportunity:
“I initially started my application to grad school at George Mason University in Virginia when I applied to the Peace Corps. I wasn’t sure if I would be selected to serve, so I made sure to have a backup plan. Since I’ve been accepted, grad school is on hold until I return from my two years of service. 
The whole thing is way outside my comfort zone, but that’s part of why I applied. I wanted a challenge and to help others in another country, while also growing as an individual.
I’m interested in the Peace Corps for a few reasons. First and foremost it is something that I’ve thought about doing off and on while I was in college. After I graduated I gave it some more thought and decided to apply after taking with family and friends. I want to have a career with the U.S. State Department and I know that this will be a great stepping stone for that. Second, it’s a big life changing commitment. Third, I want to make a difference in the world. I know that sounds cliche and idealistic, but that’s part of what drew me to the Peace Corps. 
I’m under no illusion of the challenges I’ll be faced with, but my service in the Peace Corps will provide me with skills and experiences that I can use going forward.”

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on “History Alumna Accepted Into Peace Corps
One Comment on “History Alumna Accepted Into Peace Corps

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