Dr. Lisa Covert Receives Fulbright Award

Dr. Lisa Pinley Covert received a Fulbright Global Scholar Award to conduct archival research in Peru and France in 2019. This research will contribute to Dr. Covert’s comparative study, “International Visions, Local Implications: Cultural Patrimony Policies in Mexico and Peru in the 1970s.” The project seeks to provide historical context for the challenges of preserving historic sites and repatriating historic artifacts by examining case studies in Mexico and Peru, the two Latin American countries most affected by looting and preservation challenges, and by focusing on the 1970s, the key decade in the development of international standards and laws about cultural patrimony. High profile international conflicts over cultural patrimony focus attention on disputes between nations, or between national and international institutions, and often overlook tensions within nations. Ultimately, this project explores how laws and policies have affected local communities’ opportunities for economic development and their rights to possess and interpret their own cultures and histories. A better understanding of the historical implementation of various cultural heritage policies and the responses and experiences of local communities should lead to a better understanding of how to approach current disputes around the world, particularly (but not exclusively) in conflict zones. As a Fulbright Global Scholar. Dr. Covert will be a guest affiliate of the Research Institute of the School of Tourism and Hospitality at the University of San Martín de Porres in Peru and will conduct research in UNESCO’s archive in Paris. Congratulations, Lisa!

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