Dr. Tim Carmichael Speaks in Arlington

carmichael-t-2In August 2016, Associate Professor Tim Carmichael was invited to Arlington, VA, as a featured speaker at a U.S. Government conference on the unfolding political, economic and security situation in Ethiopia.  The African nation is a key U.S.-ally in the War on Terror and boasts the world’s fastest growing economy, but has been wracked by civilian protests and violent government reprisals since late last year.

Having lived in Ethiopia for more than five years, Carmichael stays abreast of current events because he is Managing Editor of an international multi-disciplinary journal on Northeast Africa and regularly testifies, about country conditions, in Department of Homeland Security immigration court venues around the United States.

The “Ethiopia: Five Year Strategic Outlook” conference explored what might happen in Ethiopia in the next half decade, and it was attended by members of U.S. civilian, military and intelligence agencies, as well as various think tanks.

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