Attention Historians!

CheerleaderWe’ve still got spaces available in some of our best classes. Don’t miss out on studying these fascinating topics:

210-03: Public History Transformations in the Atlantic World This is a must-take class for anyone interested in Public History. 

217-01: African-American History 1865-Present This course covers a fascinating time period for African-Americans that includes Reconstruction, the Great Depression, Civil Rights Movement, & more.

241 ST: Russia: Religion and Empire Separation of church and state? Nyet! Explore how the Russian empire used religion to regulate subjects and formulate foreign policy.

261: Exploring African Diasporas Examine the rise and development of African-American communities in the Western Hemisphere, beginning with the Atlantic slave trade in the 15th century.

270-02: Rise of the Byzantine Empire After the fall of Rome, the Byzantine Empire dominated Europe for 1000 years as the most powerful, cultural, and military state. Special attention will be paid to cultural and religious issues, and the diverse ways Roman identity was received, co-opted, and altered in the period.

345-01: Topics in German Cultural History – Weimar Culture This course will focus on the culture of the Weimar Republic, arguably one of the most significant cultural moments in the modern world. These fifteen years confronted issues that still resonate: questions of urban environments and modernity, the relationship of “high” to “low” culture, and the nature of film as an art form.

370-02: Witchcraft, Magic and Religion in Ancient Egypt This course traces the history and character of Egyptian religion and magical practices, including: deities, mythologies, cosmology and cosmogony, state religion, temples and shrines, secret passages and crypts, spells, mystery rites, and the religious function of sports and athletics. Final project may include a recreation of an authentic mystery/religious ritual.



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