Hello! I’m the New Admin!

Hey there, everyone. I know there haven’t really been any new blog posts since December 2013 prior to a few days ago. The previous admin, Deirdre, will no longer be updating this blog. I will! And who am I?

I’m Maryalice! Or May, since it’s easier to remember and also easier to type. Originally, I’m from New York – Long Island, specifically. If you’ve never been there, I promise, you’re not missing anything. My husband and I moved down to Charleston in July 2013 – sort of on a whim! We’ve been loving it so far, and we’re really excited to be down here.  I’m still learning how to adjust to people saying hello to me on the street; in New York, that sort of behavior is suspicious and suspect.

As of this post, I am in my third week here in the Department of History. It has been a great experience. Everyone has been very helpful, welcoming, and gracious.

Please feel free to drop by and introduce yourself, say hello, etc.. I’m in the room with all of the mailboxes (Maybank 202). I almost always have some variant of chocolate on my desk, if you need extra incentive to come say hi, and yes, you are totally allowed to help yourself!

Anyway, good luck on finals, and I wish you all a great summer! I will see you all – or should I say y’all – when you get back for the Fall.

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