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CONGRATULATIONS to the Following Award Winners!

Humanities and Social Science Scholars Award
Edgar “Chopper” Johnson and Danielle Winter

Outstanding Student Award
Carl Baldus, Clerc Cooper, and Erika Hoffman

Outstanding Student Award with Service
John Curtis, Austin Hughey, and Danielle Winter

Departmental Honors
Parker Bednar, Janis Dabbs, and Madison Edwards

Transfer Student Academic Achievement Award
John Curtis

The George and Agnes Heltai Award in History
Edgar “Chopper” Johnson

The Society of First Families of South Carolina Scholarship
Parker Bednar and Benjamin Schaffer

The Albert R. Simonds Special Merit Award in History
Matthew Ross

The Douglas and Elizabeth Clark Memorial Scholarship in History
Taylor Currin

The William Moultrie Cup of the Rebecca Motte Chapter of the D.A.R.
Parker Bednar

The Charleston Chapter of the American Federation of Women’s Clubs History Prize
Clerc Cooper

The Alexander C. Dick Endowed Scholarship in Pre-Law
Clerc Cooper

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