Researching Slavery and Historic Site Interpretation

Researching Slavery at the University of South Carolina and Presenting it to the Public: Building the ‘Slavery at South Carolina College’ Website Speakers: Robert Weyeneth and Evan Kutzler, University of South Carolina.  Friday, November 8, 2013  at Avery Research Center (

Nine history graduate students in the Public History Program’s “Historic Site Interpretation” class at the University of South Carolina researched and built a website entitled “Slavery at South Carolina College” ( Evan Kutzler, a PhD student from this course, and Dr. Robert Weyeneth discuss the challenges and opportunities they faced in telling the largely unknown story of how slaves and slavery were essential to the physical construction of South Carolina College (later renamed the University of South Carolina) and to the intellectual life of faculty and students at USC, from its founding in 1801 through the Civil War.

Avery’s Brown Bag presentations take place from 12 -1:15 pm, and at the Smart Classroom in the Avery Research Center, 125 Bull Street, Charleston, South Carolina. Parking is limited, so please find street parking (2 hour limit), carpool, or walk.

Questions or concerns: Mary Battle,, (office) 843-953-7612

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