History Club posts meeting times

The History Club meets weekly in Maybank 110 at 4:30. This year’s the club is headed up by Co-Presidents Kristen Brig and Delaney Cruickshank. Austin Hughey will serve as Vice-President for information. Check out the new bulletin board outside Maybank 300.

The History Department offers the Outstanding Student Award each year to a graduating senior with a GPA of 3.5 (cum laude) and Service to the History Club or Phil Alpha Theta.
This club is open to all students with an interest in History. The History Club is a college campus organization devoted to providing a forum for historical exploration and discourse to any student with an interest in the field of history. As a club, we seek to provide students a social setting to meet fellow history scholars through a series of trips to historical sites, lectures, movie showings, and social gatherings.

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