About HPCP

The College of Charleston is the only university in the U.S. that offers an undergraduate degree in Historic Preservation and Community Planning. And, we’re in the ideal location for this – peninsular Charleston, in the largest historic district in the United States – which has set a national standard for community-based preservation. The department offers both major and minor programs of study.

The Historic Preservation and Community Planning program approaches the subjects of historic preservation, architectural and urban design, planning, and architectural and urban history. These related disciplines are used to address the management of change in the built environment, sites, and landscapes. As part of the Department of Art History and the School of the Arts, the program also offers studio courses in preservation and urban design. There are also a number of changing special courses offered by adjunct faculty drawn from experts in the preservation community in Charleston. Recent offerings include: Autocad and Photoshop for Preservationists, Building Pathology, Researching Historic Properties, Historic American Interiors, and The Classical Tradition in Architecture.

Learn more about the program at http://arthistory.cofc.edu/hpcp/index.php

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