Dr. Stiefel’s Historic Building Survey Class completes impressive report this fall.

Dr. Stiefel taught a Historic Building Survey Class preservation elective course this fall as a preservation elective course in which students completed a survey of communal structures for the Charleston World Heritage Coalition. The CWHO is currently working on an application for Charleston’s inclusion on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites, one of the most prestigious national designations for historic and natural sites. Ashley Davis, Allison Deyo, Craig Garrison, Madisen Gelner, Rebecca Hudson, William Joseph, Zachary Liollio, Kieran Marshall, Jessica Russo, and Elliot Slovis worked together under Stiefel’s guidance to create a historic resources survey identifying and evaluating communal sites, including governmental buildings, religious institutions, and places of public education that were built on the Charleston peninsula prior to 1900.The class filled out a Statewide Survey of Historic Properties form for the SHPO, and their research will be invaluable to the CWHO as the continue with the World Heritage nomination.

Here are some images of the students presenting their findings to Tom Aspinwall, director of the Charleston World Heritage Coalition.



Fall faculty conference and training updates

Fall was a busy semester, and now that grades have been submitted we’re taking a moment to add some updates from the exciting conferences that some of our faculty members participated in.

Barry Stiefel appeared in a newspaper article by El Amaneser about the Sephardic Diaspora conference he attended in Germany. Dr. Stiefel tells us that the newspaper, produced in Turkey, is published in Judeo-Spanish (also called Ladino).


Here’s a shot of Ralph Muldrow at the Association for Preservation Technology international conference in Quebec, Canada.


Brittany Lavelle Tulla made it to the National Trust for Historic Preservation Past Forward conference in Savannah, Georgia and Christina Butler participated in an all day hands on moulding plane workshop in Pittsboro, North Carolina at the Woodwright’s School. Instructor Bill Anderson lectured about historic trim profiles and the hand planes used to create them, and attendees learned how to layout and cut complex moulding profiles.

A photograph of a circa 1750s plane owned and used by English Cabinetmaker Mr. Syms in the eighteenth century that Butler picked up for a deal at the workshop.