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This year the GSA has worked hard to make more funds available for student research grants.  We have established a new, more competitive process and will be requiring a few more things in order to apply. Here are a few helpful things to know for those of you interested in applying.

Eligibility requires current enrollment in the graduate school and active participation in the GSA in one of two ways. You may either belong to one of the existing student organizations (e.g. MPASA, MBGSA, GOA) or you may attend at least two monthly meetings of the Graduate Student Council before the application deadline. The dates for the remaining fall semester meetings are Oct 15th, Nov 5th, and Dec 3rd – Friday, 5:30pm, Stern Student Center 409. If you have any questions at all about attending, please contact your student organization officers or

We will accept and award applications at three points during the year. The deadlines are Nov 1st, Feb 1st, and Apr 1st. Applications should be submitted to the Treasurer’s inbox at the GSA cubicle (Stern Center, cubicle 421A) or via email to Attaching supporting documents to strengthen your application is strongly encouraged.

The maximum award for each grant is $500. A student may apply for and receive multiple grants throughout the year but cannot receive more than $500 total per academic year. We will thoroughly review each application so you receive helpful feedback to improve later submissions.

One last thing – you may have noticed that the second remaining monthly meeting of the semester (Nov 5th) is after the Nov 1st deadline, making it impossible for students just now hearing about the application process to apply for the first round. For this special case, attendance at the Nov 5th meeting will count toward the two-meeting eligibility requirement for Nov 1st submissions. For future rounds, the attendance requirement must be met before the application deadline.

Again, don’t hesitate if you have any questions. You’re welcome to post on the blog or send an email. Best of luck!

Walter Blair

GSA Treasurer

GSA Research Grant Application

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