22nd Annual GPMB Student Research Colloquium

Another successful GPMB Student Research Colloquium is in the books! The 22nd Annual GPMB Student Research Colloquium was held on October 13, 2018.

GPMB second-year students gave poster presentations on their research projects and the third-year students gave oral presentations. Student presentations were followed by keynote speaker Dr. Sandra Brooke, Associate Research Faculty at Coastal and Marine Laboratory, Florida State University.

The colloquium continues the tradition as an opportunity for students to present their research in a professional setting while showcasing the research activities of the community and cultivating conversations among students and faculty.

The full program, including presentation abstracts can be viewed here

We would like to thank Dr. Sandra Brooke for being our Keynote Speaker!

2018 Presentation Awards

Congratulations for this year’s presentation winners!

Oral Presentation – 1st Place: Teresa Popp “Relationship Between Temperature Trends and the Temporal Changes in the Larval Recruitment of a Non-Native Crustacean Along the Leading Edge of Its Range”

Dr. Karen Burnett, Sigma Xi and Teresa Popp

Oral Presentation – 2nd Place: Alina Hall “A Lipidomic Approach to Identifying Immune Response in Cetacean Skin to the Attachment of the Tassel Barnacle, Xenobalanus globiciptis

Dr. Karen Burnett, Sigma Xi and Alina Hall

Poster Presentation – 1st Place: Sarah Zuidema “Relating Shrimp Black Gill and Parasite Infections to Population Energetics of White Shrimp Litopenaeus setiferus

Dr. Paul Nolan, Charleston Audubon Society and Sarah Zuidema

Poster Presentation – 2nd Place: Jessica Karan “Captive Populations as a Tool for Wildlife Research: Non-Invasive Methods Asses the Stress Hormones and Condition of Gentoo Penguins in Vastly Different Environments”

Dr. Paul Nolan, Charleston Audubon Society and Jessica Karan


Our thanks and gratitude to all the student presenters, committees, faculty, sponsors and staff who made this event a success!

Keynote Speaker Dr. Sandra Brooke with Oral Presentation students

Keynote Speaker Dr. Sandra Brooke with Poster Presentation students









Food prep for the Lowcountry Boil social which followed the event. Thanks to grill master Dr. Marcel Reichert, boil master Dr. Wally Bubley and sous-chefs Dr. Tracey Smart and Dr. David Owens!

Students, faculty, and guests enjoying the Lowcountry Boil social.

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