Fourth Annual George Grice, Jr. Lecture

This lecture series is sponsored by Dr. George Grice III in memory of his father, Dr. George Grice, Jr. He was a well-known marine biologist who dedicated his life to the study of marine biology. Dr. Grice spent most of his career at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. The laboratory was named in honor of the 14th president of the College, Dr. George D. Grice, the father of George D. Grice, Jr and grandfather of the sponsor.

This year the seminar was given on Friday, March 19th in the MRRI auditorium. The speaker was Richard Satterlie. from University of North Carolina Wilmington. The title of the lecture was Neural Control of Jellyfish Swimming: A Tale of Two Georges. In addition to being an accomplished researcher, Dr. Satterlie is also an accomplished novelist. There was a lovely reception for the speaker after the seminar.

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