Kendall Biga, Sigma Delta Tau ’12

College. It has been the best four years of my life. I am very sad to leave the campus that has seen me blossom from a shy freshman to a mature alumna with many interests. The College of Charleston is the best place on Earth to spend your undergraduate years. There are so many opportunities waiting at your fingertips, but the best one of all? Greek Life.

I came to college knowing I wanted to be a part of the Greek Community. Seeing my mother have an annual getaway with her college sorority sisters 30 years later inspired me to ‘Go Greek’. I wanted to find my best friends, pledge sisters, and future bridesmaids in a sorority. My recruitment process wasn’t easy in the least, as it is always a stressful time for everyone. I look back and know that I put my trust in the system and wound up where I needed to be, a sister of Sigma Delta Tau.

I immediately became involved once I was initiated, holding positions from New Member Educator to Standards Chairwoman. I saw these opportunities for leadership in the sorority and ran with them. As I was so absorbed within my own chapter, I was searching to be a part of something more. That is when I applied for a position on the Panhellenic Executive Board. I cannot explain to you the wonderful people I met throughout this incredible experience. Being able to relate to people in other chapters and knowing that you’re not the only one is an amazing feeling. Being on Panhellenic Exec for two consecutive years provided me with incredible amounts of leadership, insight, and wisdom into the Panhellenic community. I have learned so much about myself through my leadership opportunities, none of which would have been possible without Sigma Delta Tau.

I have been so blessed to be a member of an incredible organization, and I am not giving back by participating on a National level as a National Advisor. I leave you now with words that describe my sorority experience written by John Shertzer:
“As she stared at the letters outside of the house, she had a humble feeling. What a blessed privilege it was, to not only be a college graduate, but to have taken the ride in a vehicle such as this. To have experiences that gave her confidence, took away her insecurities, and bolstered her self-esteem. To be given a chance to lead. To follow. To work alongside so many other wonderful people. To be something more.

Her feet had taken her here so that she could say two simple words. Two words that signify a college life well lived. She had said them to professors, advisors, and peers. And now as she stared at this entity that she had wrapped her college life around, and was moved to those words out loud. She glanced up, with a knowing smile and said: “Thank you.””

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