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Attention all prospective students! Considering a Master’s Degree in Mathematical Sciences at the College of Charleston? In this post, we explore the latest and greatest in the department… ranging from courses, faculty advice, and the student experience.

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The faculty in the Mathematical Sciences graduate program are great teachers and researchers who take their programs very seriously. Unlike other top institutions, the faculty give their full attention to both master’s and doctoral students.

Fundamental math courses, like linear algebra, are kept interesting by having a focus on application and surprising theorems. Specialty courses, including Soliton Theory (using algebra and geometry to study particle waves), allow students a unique opportunity to broaden their studies and connect with faculty on their research interests. Many students later go on to publish their own work using the skills they learned in their class projects.

Professors make an effort to meet students where they are, regardless of background or skill level. While some students come in with undergraduate experience in mathematics, others come from other disciplines such as psychology, economics, etc. Knowing this, the faculty does an incredible job of sharing the material in a way that everyone can benefit from. Their goal is to push you outside of your comfort zone so that you can get the most out of your coursework.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn about all the resources offered at CofC, as well as potential career paths, so they are prepared to make well-informed decisions.

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Building community is important too! Graduate students in Mathematical Sciences are invited to join in on collaborative activities including board games, pizza parties, movie nights, and more. Fostering relationships inside and outside of the classroom in a relaxed environment allows students to connect and build that sense of community.

The program offers other core courses such as partial differential equations, optimization, and mathematical statistics. Elective courses like statistical learning and Bayesian methods (conditional probability) allow a degree of flexibility within the program to best meet the needs of each individual.

Some classes are offered online, but the majority are administered in person to support learning and engagement. All courses are taught in the evening to accommodate students working full-time jobs during the day. Students also have the opportunity to work as graduate assistants and earn a generous stipend during the program.

News flash: CofC has become the first university in the Lowcountry to offer a Ph.D. program in mathematics, allowing students to continue straight through both programs if desired. There is also a wide variety of training available in pure math, applied math, and statistics that appeal to unique interests and goals.

Source: CofCMath Instagram

Special thank you to Dr. Alex Kasman for his valuable insights about graduate student updates in the Department of Mathematical Sciences! Now that you know more about what we offer, we encourage you to apply today!

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