The Graduate Guide to Podcasts – Storytelling

Who doesn’t love a good story? We asked our graduate student community on our Instagram (@cofcgradschool) and the GSA’s Facebook group ( to share their go-to podcasts, and boy did they deliver! This edition encompasses the best of storytelling, as recommended by our graduate students!

Critical Role:

Just a bunch of nerdy voiceover actors playing Dungeons & Dragons! Join the voices of some of your favorite cartoon, anime, and video game characters through two unique Dungeons & Dragons campaigns that involve, well, dungeons, dragons, and much, much more! Don’t forget to love each other, and is it Thursday yet?

Average Length: 3.5 Hours

Frequency: Weekly

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend:

Can comedian and late-night host Conan O’Brien finally make a friend? His podcast aims to do just that through talks with people O’Brien enjoys most without FCC regulations. Join him on his quest for genuine friendship.

Average Length: 90 Minutes

Frequency: Twice Weekly

Mission to Zyxx:

This improvised, science fiction podcast follows a team of ambassadors as they attempt to reestablish diplomatic relations with plants in the Zyxx Quadrant. But are these ambassadors the good guys, or not? Follow their story over four seasons of laughs and space travel.

Average Length: 50 minutes

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Modern Love:

Do you tell your friends you love them? This podcast, hosted by Meghna Chakrabarti and edited by Daniel Jones, goes deep into the best stories about love, building on the popular New York Times column. The podcast is also joined by notable guests and updates from those who submit the stories.

Average Length: 20 minutes

Frequency: Weekly

The Mortified Podcast:

Could you share your most embarrassing childhood writings? This podcast asks its guests to do just that, sharing the cringeworthy scrawlings from their bygone years. Featuring celebrity guests and interviews after the stories end. PS: this podcast totally likes you.

Average Length: 30 Minutes

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

The Moth:

Dating back to 1997, long before the era of podcasts, Moth storytellers have been performing stand alone, under a spotlight, with only a microphone and a room full of strangers. The podcast features the creators’ favorite stories told on these live stages across the country.

Average Length: 60 minutes

Frequency: Weekly


Want to share a story you’ve never told anyone? Join host Kevin Allison as he and special guests of famous comedians and everyday folks share “true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public”. The show features live shows and user-submitted music.

Average Length: 60 minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Welcome to Nightvale:

Nightvale tells the story of a fictional desert community where every conspiracy theory is true. Join public radio host Cecil Palmer as he gives the latest news, traffic, and weather of Nightvale. Whether the town faces giant glowing clouds, the lights above the Arbys, their terrible neighbors Desert Bluffs, or a literal five-headed dragon, Nightvale tells the compelling tale of a small town that will never be defeated. Featuring music from listeners.

Average Length: 30 Minutes

Frequency: Bi-Weekly when in season


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