The Graduate Guide to Podcasts – Society & Pop Culture

Need advice, want to relax and unwind for a while, or want to listen to a podcast that isn’t academic? We asked our graduate student community on our Instagram (@cofcgradschool) and the GSA’s Facebook group ( to share their go-to podcasts, and boy did they deliver! This edition encompasses the best of society and pop culture, as recommended by our graduate students!

Ask Pastor John:

This advice show from Pastor John Piper delves into tough Christian theological and pastoral questions. Topics covered include moving beyond past mistakes, the providence of God, and how to live a more Christian life.

Average Length: 15 minutes

Frequency: Twice Weekly

Beautiful Anonymous:

What happens when a comedian opens his podcast up to an anonymous caller for one hour? This podcast answers that question with its no-holds-barred format that offers insights into how the anonymous people around us live their lives.

Average Length: 65 Minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Call Your Girlfriend:

Are you and your bestie separated by distance? This podcast is for you! Join hosts Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman as they call one another to catch up on the latest in politics, pop culture, and more.

Average Length: 40 Minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Chicks in the Office:

This podcast covers the latest trending pop culture news, from celebrity relationships and breakups, to recaps of the latest Bachelorette episodes, to what’s trending on Twitter. Hosts Ria and Fran also take audience questions to keep viewers up-to-date on all the hard-hitting pop culture news you didn’t know you needed.

Average Length: 90 minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Dear Sugars:

An advice show that touts “radically empathic advice”, this podcast covers topics ranging from dealing with loved ones when you disagree, male-female friendships, LGTBQ+ issues, and more! Hosted by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond and produced by the New York Times.

Average Length: 40 Minutes

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness:

Curious about what Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness is curious about? Tune into his podcast where he interviews experts in the fields of his curiosity to learn about anything and everything under the sun.

Average Length: 60 Minutes

Frequency: Weekly

The Joe Rogan Experience:

Join comedian Joe Rogan as he has long-form conversations with guests on his extremely popular podcast. Notable guests include Dan Crenshaw, Jon Stewart, Kevin Hart, Jay Leno, Robert Downey Jr., Leah Remini, John Carmack, Nikki Glazer, and Bernie Sanders.

Average Length: 1-5 Hours

Frequency: Daily

Podcast the Ride:

Miss going to theme parks? The podcast provides the next best thing with episodes about various theme parks, ranging from Disney, to Universal Studios, and beyond. Hosted by Mike Carlson, Jason Sheridan, and Scott Gairdner

Average Length: 90 Minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Quick Brown Foxes:

A podcast about how to get women of color into bikes, this podcast interviews women of color on their experience with biking, from getting their first bikes, to competing in triathalons, to opening an inclusive bike shop. Hostess Ayesha McGowan is an aspiring professional road cyclist, advocate, and content creator.

Average Length: 50 Minutes

Frequency: Monthly

Real Pod with Victoria Garrick:

Former Division I volleyball player and TED Talk speaker Victoria Garrick discusses mental health, body-image, success, failure, life, challenges, and more in this podcast. Guests frequently join Garrick to create inspiring and deep conversations on important topics.

Average Length: 50 Minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Scene on Radio:

This podcast tells stories exploring the human experience and of American society. Season 1 is mix of different topics, while Season 2 and 3 explore the history and meaning of whiteness and sexism, patriarchy, and misogyny respectively.

Average Length: 60 Minutes

Frequency: Bi-Weekly, when in season

Small Doses with Amanda Seales:

Looking for potent truths for everyday use? Join hostess Amanda Seales in this podcast that covers topics from expectations, hope, free speech, and more!

Average Length: 60 Minutes

Frequency: Weekly


Stories about women, girls, and nonbinary folks achieving success on their own terms in a world full of expectations on how they should have done it. Hosts Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervine bring a feminist perspective on inclusive, credible media that moves, while joined by guests to share their stories.

Average Length: 40 Minutes

Frequency: Bi-Weekly


Pop culture podcasts not what you’re looking for? Tune in to future posts that will cover graduate student recommendations for comedy, storytelling, and more! Earlier editions covered true crime and can be found here, news & politics can be found here, science, medicine, and educational can be found here, and history can be found here.




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