Apply to Graduate School for Free!

Looking to start your graduate education? The University of Charleston, S.C. at the College of Charleston is waiving application fees December 1st, 2020 through January 15th, 2021. Applicants for any of our 22 master’s degrees and 9 graduate certificate programs can use the waiver code 2021BFWUCSC to bypass the application fee now through January 15th, 2021.

This admissions cycle has been unlike any other, and the Graduate School remains sensitive to the ongoing challenges from across the globe face due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In response to these challenges, The Graduate School is temporarily waiving requirements for standardized test scores from the GRE, GMAT, MAT, PRAXIS, and any other accepted test.  This waiver applies to applicants seeking admission to a graduate program for the Spring 2021, Summer 2021, and Fall 2021 terms.  This waiver does not apply to international applicants whose primary language is not English; those applicants must still provide official scores from an accepted English proficiency exam (TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo).

In order to holistically evaluate applicants, program admissions committees may request that applicants submit writing samples, resumes, participate in interviews, or provide other materials in order to reach an admission decision.  Applicants may submit a standardized test score if they choose.

At this time, applicants to the Child Life program are not eligible for this waiver.

Additionally, we understand that standardized test scores are usually utilized when awarding scholarships and fellowships through our office. In light of the temporary waived submission of standardized test scores for the 2021 admissions cycle, test scores are not currently necessary for fellowship or scholarship nomination through the Graduate School Office. Students should contact their program of interest to learn about scholarship and fellowship criteria and requirements through their program.

Questions can be directed to the Graduate School at or directly to the program of interest.

Listen to graduate students talk about why they chose the College of Charleston on our YouTube Channel.

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