Top Master’s Programs on the Rise

Hanover Research recently published a very interesting infographic that detailed the top master’s and bachelor’s degrees on the rise. The findings are based on the programs with the highest annualized growth rate in degree completions in the United States from 2013 and 2017, and you will likely not be surprised to discover that STEM programs dominant the top 10 master’s programs.

  1. Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology: 115.8% growth rate – CofC equivalent is Community Planning, Policy and Design.
  2. Business Statistics: 105.3% growth rate – CofC equivalent is MBA or Mathematical Sciences.
  3. Econometric & Quantitative Economics: 104.2% growth rate
  4. Applied Behavior Analysis: 51.6% growth rate
  5. Data Modeling/Warehousing & Database Administration: 47.9% growth rate – CofC equivalent is Data Science and Analytics program.
  6. Education/Teaching of Individuals with Autism: 35.7% growth rate – CofC equivalent is Special Education graduate certificate
  7. Financial Mathematics 35.4% growth rate – CofC equivalent is Mathematical Sciences or Accountancy
  8. Computer Systems Analysis/Analyst: 30.3% growth rate – CofC equivalent is Computer Science and Information Systems
  9. Digital Communications & Media/Multimedia: 29.2% growth rate – CofC equivalent is Communications
  10. Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist: 26.5% growth rate

Driving the demand for these master’s programs is the demand for the jobs of workers with these desired skills. According to the infographic, individuals with data and analytical experience are the most sought-after, and, as long as the core competencies are present, employers are willing to pay more for these coveted skills. To see the findings from the research yourself, you can download the infographic here from Hanover Research.

The economy of the Charleston area perfectly mirrors the data from this research. Considering we are known as Silicon Harbor, the technology jobs here are plentiful. In fact, there are more jobs than there are people qualified to fill them. At the College of Charleston, we strive to fulfill the demands of our growing city by producing exceptional talent from our various graduate programs. With our high standards that combine quality education with hands-on experience, graduates have the knowledge and skills to not only perform the requirements of the job, but to excel at them.

If you are looking to capitalize on one of these growing professional fields by pursing a master’s degree, trust the graduate school at the College of Charleston to get you there.

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