Aaron Holly-Working for the sake of the City


Aaron Holly ’16  graduated from the University of Charleston, South Carolina, with dual Master degrees in Environmental Science and Public Administration with an additional Graduate Certificate in Urban and Regional Planning. Aaron started working for the City of Charleston as a City Planner in May 2016. For his position, he works on a variety of projects for the City such as bike and pedestrian planning initiatives including assisting in a City study on the potential economic impacts of the Legare Bridge bike and pedestrian path and updating City zoning maps and database information. His time in graduate school helped to prepare him for working in local government, particularly aspects of working multiple stakeholders including representatives from other local municipalities, non-profit organizations, and private businesses. For his final masters project, Aaron completed an academic internship with Charleston Moves and the Coastal Conservation League examining areas with high densities of bike and pedestrian collisions in Downtown Charleston. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys biking, running, cooking, watching the Olympics, and helping to ensure a high handicap for his old bowling team.




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